Our MD Sir have an experience of more than 7 years with a leading detective agency in India as a manager operations. So they have an excellent geographical knowledge of Punjab & Himachal Pardesh as well as they have a good command on the local languages & they have the large sources all over the Punjab himachal.

Yes all the investigators who came to spy force they got a 6 months trainings on how to do a physical surveillance as well as how to use the spy gadgets.

The word “personal investigation” itself reflects the confidentiality because Personal Investigation is not legalize in India so we used to take more precautions while doing the same & as we know if we’ll catch doing shadowing of anybody then firstly we will be behind the bars so we are more careful about that. So my clients don’t have to worry about the confidentiality.

Confidentiality is the base of our work. Once you have given us the details, we will only communicate to you or any one else if you have told us before, And normally we don’t use to share all the details to my investigators. We just give the name and address of the subject which my investigator needs for the ground investigation.

We used to charge according to the particular case and the locations. So my charges vary according to the clients need.

Every single case is unique so time depends upon what i am going to do.

Today we are living in a digital India so my client also have a freedom to pay according to his/her choice. Client can directly pay on my website, Can pay us on Paytm, Can give a cheque on the name of Spy Force  Or Can transfer to our company account.

As we have already mentioned above that personal investigation is not legalize so we can’t give any written report. But we have some basic formats that we can give for such cases. In corporate cases we do give written reports to our clients.

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