Pre Matrimonial

Pre Matrimonial

The decision to get married is considered as the biggest gamble in one’s life, and hence, it is crucial to have a thorough background check of the prospective partner before making a lifelong commitment. In the current scenario, where people are less social and depend mostly on matrimonial websites or newspaper ads, it becomes more important to ensure that the alliance is not fraudulent, leading to divorce in the future. Pre Matrimonial investigation services offer a solution to this problem.

Our team at Spy Force conducts a comprehensive investigation by cross-checking all the facts provided by the other family against our client’s family.

Mostly the investigation consists in two parts.

  • Physical surveillance.
  • Inquiry by our local sources.

Our major focus points.

  • Family background check.
  • Family structure check.
  • Family reputation & goodwill check.
  • Social reputation.
  • Job status of the subject.
  • Present affairs of the subject.
  • His/Her good bad habits.
  • Daily activities of the subject.
  • Criminal check.
  • Any previous marriage check.

The investigation typically takes 7 to 10 days, and we provide two types of evidence: photography and videography of the subject during surveillance and audio recordings during inquiry. But some times it can take more 2/3 days if our team struck somewhere.


What will be the evidence for this investigation?

 Yes this is the valid question that generally comes into my clients mind.

We use to provide two types of evidence for the same.

  • Photography & Videography of the subject while surveillance.
  • Audio recordings while inquiry.


What will be the charges of this investigation?

. The charges for the investigation vary depending on the customer’s needs and location, and we typically charge between 35-40K for local cases.

At Spy Force, we understand the importance of this investigation and ensure complete confidentiality and discretion while conducting it. We strive to provide peace of mind and comfort to our clients by offering reliable and affordable pre-matrimonial investigation services.

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