Services – We always fulfill our commitments

Services – We always fulfill our commitments

Services – We always fulfill our commitments. What if you find out that your partner is cheating on you? Most reliable detective in Chandigarh, Punjab might help you.

When you find your partner – He changed his phone lock, notifications are off, phone remains on silent and with him. You develop a doubt, try to collect evidence, but fail every time. Not because he is clever but because you are not a step ahead of him. What would you do?

Yes, that’s what she did. She searched for the best detective in Chandigarh, Punjab and without taking a second thought, visited his office in Chandigarh. The famous & oldest name in Chandigarh for Detective services is, Detective Ankur Sharma, who is a member of APDI( Association of Private Detective & Investigators) and also have a local office for meetings in Chandigarh as nobody else have the same. He listened to her pain patiently and let her vent out everything she had held in her heart for somebody she gave her life to, for somebody she trusted more than anybody else in the world, for somebody she knew would stand with her every single time.

Known to connect and bond easily with his clients and speaking the same language as of the client that is Hindi and Punjabi, pacified her and suggested the way out. The best possible method was to do her husband’s physical surveillance from his home to office where photography and videography evidences would be whatsapped to his client and on finding if he meets another woman then she would be called there immediately to catch him red handed what I want.

The first couple of days went normal and the husband simply left home at 9 and came back at 7pm. Our detective would park his vehicle at a distance and simply kept his eye at all the gates from where he could exit.

However, on Saturday, rather than driving his car home and he took it to sector 43, picked up a beautiful lady wearing a pink suit and landed at a hotel nearby. Our detective was chasing him at a distance he wouldn’t doubt. He too entered the hotel where they went and immediately called his wife. The wife took no time to reach thereto catch him. The receptionist, on seeing a ferocious woman, had no other option than to tell the room no and the wife hurried there.

All this while our bold detective was shooting the movements silently and when they banged the door, her husband came out being shocked. Wife pushed him and entered the room and they found beer on the bed and the lady in obscene clothes. As a part of his services, he recorded their confessions without them knowing about the presence of a hidden camera and once the scene was cleared handed it to his client who then presented it as a strong proof to file for her divorce and Finally a painful and unfaithful relation came to its end with all  proofs handed over to her.

This was based on the one of the investigations done by our trustworthy and most reliable detective in Chandigarh. As a pro tip to all the couples from our Det Ankur Sharma be careful if you find following Physical Signs like below in your partner.

  • Having an Irregular Work Schedule.
  • New Hobbies.
  • Unexplained Expenses.
  • Loss of Sexual Interest.
  • Changed or Added Passwords on his Devices.
  • Taking Care of the Car Too Much.
  • Buying Gifts.
  • Stays Out all Night and Often Unreachable.

Best way to catch a cheater is via hiring a private investigator. If you are still in dilemma of whom to contact in these kind of situation just contact Spyforce

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